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Ryan Purvis Joins Bop the Blog

Press Release

Ryan Purvis Joins Bop the Blog!!!

  • St. Paul, Minnesota — Bop the Blog is REALLY PRETTY EXCITED to announce that World Traveler, Annapurna Wayfarer, Australian Roadtripper, Vlogger, Photographer, Podcaster, Drone Master, Videographer, and Viral ‘Very Chill Bro, Ryan “P” Purvis, will be joining the team.

  • A Minnesota native, P has been nomadic for the past 5 years, bopping from Tahoe in California, to Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, Australia, and now New Zealand, creatively documenting his travels along the way. Stay tuned for exclusive content and contributions from Ryan on Bop the Blog. You can support him here.



Ryan Michael Purvis

Featured Content

  • The Annapurna Circuit Vlogumentary

    Featured by Himalayan Geographic, and P’s most popular series to date, this visually stunning, comedically captivating vlog series follows Ryan and his good friend Chris Ball as they trek for three straight weeks through the Annapurnas, home to some of the largest mountains in the world.

  • Mount Semeru Volcano Eruption

    Featured by ABC, NBC, Yahoo, DIGG, YouTube, Accuweather, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, Popular Mechanics, Mashable, and Hello Giggles this incredible impromptu video of the eruption of Mt. Semeru in Indonesia has gone viral with over 100k views on Youtube.

  • Drone Compilations

    Featured by Unilad, Must Do Travel, and Culture Trip, P’s drone compilations masterfully capture the pristine beauty of these breathtaking islands, allowing the viewer to soar over the countryside as if they had wings themselves.


  • Hometown

    • Burnsville, Minnesota

    Current Location

    • Somewhere in New Zealand?


    • January 16, 1991
  • Occupation

    • Content Creator
    • Professional Bopper


    • Video/Photo/Drone
    • Vlog/Podcast/Blog

Key Traits

Very Chill Bro
Unreal Flow
Could chug vodka in college

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