Goofy movie road trip


Around 2AM this morning I made Chris recite A Goofy Movie quotes to me, to prove his love or something.  After a few impressions of Powerline and Bobby Zimmeruski, we reflected on the Junction scene.

This is where Max and his father Sir Goofy are on the road again, driving through what looks like Monument Valley. They come to a crossroads (heh) where Max must make a quick decision on which route to take.

Does he chose Idaho, to Lake Destiny, where Sir Goofy plans to take Max fishing? Or does he chose California, where Max longs to meet his beloved Roxanne at Powerline concert?

This reminded us of Bop (esp. the facial expressions and navigating). We thought it should be shared.



Although Idaho has some dope gems, always chose California.



We are working on the blog I swear.

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