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Highline Trail at Glacier National Park (video)

The Highline Loop

11.8 Miles

Difficulty Rating
15.70 (strenuous)

Logan Pass, Glacier NP

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As the fall colors at home have come and gone, it’s a bit shocking to look back a year ago at an autumn season when time stood still, a lifetime lasting three months.

It’s been a little over a year since we made this 14 mile (Highline: 12mi; Garden Wall: 2mi) trek in the heart of Glacier National Park, and I’ve been working on this video for an inexcusable amount of time.

After lost footage, some laziness, and one very intense trailer, it is finally complete. The GoPro was latched to a backpack strap around my chest, so you’ll notice a little bit of shakiness and a lot bit of Chris’s voluptuous bottom.

As always, this hike is one million times more beautiful to the eye than the lens, and I so deeply wish the equipment could capture that. Please, please, please, if you ever make your way to Glacier, hike this trail!

You will feel awed as you cling to the handrail above Logan Pass and one of the world’s most famous byways, you’ll feel terrified and fragile as you follow the grizzly bears’ path up the rocky, wind-beaten Garden Wall.

And you will feel that indescribable high prescribed exclusively by the mountain gods, as you stand atop the park looking down at ancient glaciers and valleys, begrudging only the birds.

Lost Footage: The Garden Wall

For a more in-depth description of the hike, check out the Highline Trail section of our post on Glacier National Park. Long story short, after crossing paths with three grizzlies, we followed them up the Garden Wall trail, a two mile out and back that climbs 1000 feet. The trail is thin and slick, and the loose rock makes traction precarious at best. But atop the wall is among the most mesmerising 360 degree views you'll ever experience, as you find yourself encompassed by Grinnell Glacier on one side and the dramatic expanse of Lake McDonald Valley on the other.

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