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Bop 101 The Road trip of our Dreams

Welcome friends and enemies (mom) to Chris & Kylie’s road trip baby – boptheblog.com. This is Chris on the keyboard right now, but Kylie will be here later to add her thoughts/corrections/dreams/beliefs etc. after she finishes creating this blog and making it all pretty n’ junk. Our goal is for this blog to serve as a central medium for all the photos, stories, and whatever else we encounter on this road trip and would like to share. Besides all that, it’s a good way to keep certain family members up to speed on what we’re up to without having to give them my snapchat info. Because snapchat Chris is not for everyone, Gramma.


Kylie and I are going on a roadtrip. Ideally, it will look something like this when it’s all said and done:


Would actual be ideal to avoid Nebraska altogether


For those of you who aren’t around Kylie and me everyday, we say “bop” a lot. Originally, I think I started saying it in high school or college while kickin’ it with the legend and everyday hero Jimmy O’Donnell, himself. I started saying it around Kylie (for example, “Hey Ky, you almost done curling your hair, we gotta bop”) and she’d say it too, but it didn’t really mean anything at first, outside of the cheeseballs definition scribbled on the homepage, “To travel or move energetically”.



Over time, a second meaning to ‘bop’ started to form, and ultimately that word became this trip. (For example, “Hey Ky, you know you won’t be able to curl your hair all the time on Bop, right?). So basically, it became the proper noun for this trip. Our road trip = Bop.

We first talked about throwing our lives away and traveling the country for an open-ended period of time whilst hammered drunk at Lollapalooza last summer. But it was different than other drunken discussions of things we could or should do, there was fire in Kylie’s eyes when I brought the idea up, and she even wrote ‘Bop’ in the sand on a Lake Michigan beach. So, needless to say, that pretty much sealed it.

Lake Michigan

Very artistical











(It’s also worth pointing out for those who may not know me and Kylie are in fact romantically involved, no matter what she’ll have you believe. Long story short: we were next door neighbors -like windows across from each other 80’s romcom style next door neighbors – who fell in like at Lollapalooza after notorious plagiarist Sam Smith made her cry buckets and my face was the first thing she saw when her eyes dried, which worked pretty much like the love potion from A Midsummer’s Night Dream in which you fall in love with the first person you see after drinking it. (Shoutout to Mrs. Istas on that Shakespeare reference, and sorry for not saying hi to you at Target the other day but you were in the women’s clothing area so pretty much kinda awkward. Still, great to see you.)


So yeah, the idea of traveling the west on the road was actually first inspired by Jessica Oldenburg during a slow Lucia’s shift, and then passed along from me to Kylie in a drunken yet sincere and passionate conversation at Lolla a few months later. Since that conversation, over the course of about 13 months, we’ve slowly built that dream into a reality through planning and envisioning and just a whole shitload of working and buying stuff. We might do a post on the whole process in more detail at some point in the future, but to summarize: CHILI’S WAS LIFE (replace with St. Paul Radiology for Kylie).

But for now, we just want to put out word that we’re doing this. We talked about making a blog and the deciding factor in doing so was giving ourselves a place to store the memories we might otherwise have had forgotten. We want to remember as much of the weird miscellaneous experiences as possible, like Kylie fartin’ up the tent or Chris doing this or that super badass activity. So while we definitely hope some of you will find this blog interesting and check back in with us throughout the trip, we’re excited to give ourselves a place to look back once our trip is a thing of the past.

P.S. Jk Ma, you’re not an enemy




These are our faces

These are our faces

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